Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate
From routine real estate settlements to complex multi—party arrangements, the attorneys at HWK Law Group are experienced transactional counsel. We represent individuals, businesses lenders and creditors in all aspects of commercial and real estate transactions. Our attorneys also have extensive experience representing landlords and tenants in the negotiation and preparation of leasing and acquisition documents for all types of properties including residential, retail, multifamily, commercial and industrial.
Residential Real Estate
The attorneys at HWK Law Group have conducted thousands of residential real estate closings. In conjunction with our affiliated title and settlement company, Lawyers Express Title, LLC, we are able to efficiently handle real estate transactions from contract through closing. Outside of routine title and escrow services, clients rely on it us to negotiate, prepare and review real estate contracts and related documentation.
We provide all related title & real estate settlement services throughout Maryland through our subsidiary:
Real Estate Team
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Nicole R. Hewitt

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